You’re looking through your IG stories and all you see are Instagram filters, in every shape and form.

From game filters, to face effects, it’s almost endless. Yet with each tap, they don’t get old – the stories are pleasant to look at, and can even be entertaining. That’s the magic of Instagram’s trending feature right now – Instagram filters, specifically for stories.

When things look nice, or they’re fun and playful, people tend to interact with them more. Your engagement may increase, with people replying to your stories more often. Also, your followers will most probably watch your future posts and stories too.

So, the question is: how do you find them? Or use them, for that matter? Also, what are the most popular filters right now? In this article, we’ll give you all the answers.

How To Search for Instagram Filters

First off, you need to know where to find all the cool filters in order to join the trend.

If You’re Already on an Existing Story

If you’ve scrolled through your Instagram stories and found a filter that you want to save, look for the name of the filter on the top left corner of your screen. It should be under the user’s Instagram handle. Click on it:

And you’ll receive this pop up! From here, you can either try using the filter or save it directly.

If You’re Manually Searching for Instagram Filters

If you’re starting on a blank canvas, don’t worry!

You can look for your desired Instagram filters by going to the Effects Gallery.

To do this, swipe left on your Instagram home feed. Your Instagram Stories page should come up, where you’re able to take videos, pictures and Boomerangs to post on your Stories.

By default, Instagram already saves a number curated filters for you. You can see them as circular icons at the bottom of your page. By swiping left or right on these images, you can explore the popular filters that Instagram has already chosen and provided by default!

However, to access the Effects Gallery, select one of the filters that are already there (it can be any), and click on the name of the filter below it, as shown:

how to search for instagram filters stories step 3

A familiar pop up should appear, where you’re given the option to try or save the filter. You’ll also see an option to “Browse effects”, which you should click on.

how to search for instagram filters stories step 4

Now, you’ve successfully loaded the Effects Gallery.

Instantly, you’re able to see a variety of Instagram filters available for you to choose from. You can scroll through the landing page, or explore the tabs at the top of your page for specific types of filters.

how to search for instagram filters stories step 5

Once you’ve found a filter that you like the look of, click on it. You can try how the filter looks on you, or instantly save the filter by click on the save icon, shown below:

how to search for instagram filters stories step 6

If You Want to Browse Filters By Creators

Sometimes, you find yourself using the same filter over and over again because you like the look of it. Well, Instagram allows you to browse through filters by their creators, so you’ll be able to find similar filters made by the same creator!

In order to do this, just go to the creator’s Instagram page, and look for the filters tab.

You’ll be able to see all the filters that the creator had made and browse through all the effects. This way, you can easily find filters with the same style that you like!

How To Use Your Instagram Filters

Once you’ve found and saved all your favourite filters, you can use them by going onto your Instagram Stories camera, where they’ll appear as circular icons to the left of the capture button.

You can swipe to look through your filters and record your footages as you usually would, but with that upgraded look! However, Instagram filters can only be used with newly captured or recorded content, so you aren’t able to upload an existing media type onto your stories and apply your filters to them.

Your pre-made Instagram Stories can still look good, though! You can check out design apps to spice up how your Stories look.

Usually, game-centric filters bring about the most engagement as they provide a form of entertainment to both you and those watching. Being authentic on camera lets your followers get a glimpse of who you are as a person, beyond your brand and products. By revealing a more personal side of yourself, albeit with just an Instagram Story, your followers will be able to relate to you more. This can be one of the ways your engagement rates grow.

Posting high-quality, photogenic or funny content using Instagram filters might also land you more shares as well. Try using a coloured filter for your behind-the-scenes Stories, or your landscape shots. Alternatively, partake in ongoing trends through Instagram filters (think – guess the gibberish) and release humourous footage and you’re bound to get more exposure if people love your content.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take some time to browse through the Effects Gallery and try out different filters. Who knows, you might be able to spark a new trend by discovering and sharing a hidden filter!

7 Instagram Filters To Upgrade Your Stories With

Are you ready to up your Instagram Stories game with the best trending filters right now?

From scenery-centric filters to interactive games, we’ve curated and compiled them all to present the 7 Instagram filters that will instantly give your Stories an upgrade.

#1 wistful.text by wynnweewoo for a Warm, Moody Look

User @wynnweewoo‘s filter will mute the greens and yellows in your footage to let that orange tint stand out – perfect for that gloomy aesthetic.

instagram filter: wistful.text by wynnweewoo

#2 PANTONE by ekrulila for a Dynamic, Trendy Twist

This filter by @ekrulila breaks apart your footage with colour-coordinated blocks to fit a mood board aesthetic, which is always a win in our books.

instagram filter: PANTONE by ekrulila

#3 ira.may_’s +5 BLUE FILTERS for a Low-Key Pop

@ira.may_‘s +5 BLUE FILTERS is the perfect filter for the skies and seas on a sunny day. With five different variations of blue-toned filters, your footage will stand out in a subtle, natural way.

instagram filter: +5 BLUE FILTERS by ira.may_

#4 13 Sun Blind by fitriader to Emulate Indoor Sun

The aesthetic of sunshine peeking through blinds has never been more popular, and @fitriader‘s set of thirteen filters will help you achieve that look effortlessly, both for your selfies or portraits.

instagram filter: 13 Sun Blind by fitriader

#5 gu_christopher’s guess the gibberish Provides Entertainment Like Never Before

Have you seen any of your followers partaking in this popular trend? This filter by @gu_christopher tests your ability to read seemingly random words that ultimately sound and form a phrase. Get ready to spend hours frustratingly guessing phrases by yourself on your Instagram Stories.

instagram filter: guess the gibberish by gu_christopher

#6 Evaluate Your Fashion Preferences with nakdfashion’s This OR That

Do you prefer skirts or dresses, tube tops or blouses? Share more about your fashion sense through @nakdfashion‘s on-brand filter!

instagram filter: This OR That by nakdfashion

#7 Grab a Friend to Answer vamonke’s Who is more ___? Questions

Another highly popular game on Instagram Stories, @vamonke‘s filter will reveal the truth about what your friends think about you.

instagram filter: Who is more ___? by vomanke

Custom Instagram Filters

None of the filters above exactly what you’re looking for?

With Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, anyone can now make custom Instagram filters. Designed to be user-friendly, you can make your own AR games, colour filters, 3D projections and more, for Instagram Stories. This is great for businesses to reach the younger generation, or for anyone to have fun with. Give it a try and learn how to make your custom filters here.

Up Your Stories Game with Instagram Filters

With guides on how to find and use your favourite filters, as well as a comprehensive list of the most popular ones right now, you’re all set to upgrade your Stories. There’s no right or wrong in choosing your Instagram filters – pick those that align with your brand image and preferences!

All in all, they’re a fun and interactive way to interact with your followers and share more about yourself. People love authenticity, so be yourself and put out what represents you best.

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