Finding the best Instagram growth service has been a big rage right now, especially with proven track records that they work.

They help give your account a boost in everything you could possibly ask for, be it for likes, number of followers, or comments. A natural increase in engagement will be picked up by the algorithm. If Instagram notices that people are liking your content, you’re more likely to appear on the top pages or Explore page. This is definitely a win in our book!

With that being said, it’s no wonder that everyone is scrambling to find the perfect Instagram growth tool. Having a third-party software helps keep that extra effort and load off your back. It’s an easy, fast way to further grow your account to greater heights.

However, many of these sites come off shadier than not, with big promises that are coupled with terrifying user reviews. As most of the services come with a fee, it’s only normal to want to spend it on something that is safe and gets the job done as promised.

So, we pushed through in search of the best Instagram growth service and found a few to share!

The Best Instagram Growth Service

To evaluate for the best growth service, we had to determine the deciding factors. We divided each evaluation into three aspects – each tool’s unique selling point, features, and its value for money.

So with that being said, – we’ll get straight to the point:

1. Crowned as the Best: Nitreo

It is only right to crown Nitreo as the best Instagram growth tool. Its advanced targeting, smart automation features as well as stellar customer support team make it the most complete, fully-featured Instagram growth tool.

best instagram growth service: screenshot of nitreo's home page

Nitreo promises to automate your Instagram flow. This means that it will help you follow and unfollow targeted accounts relevant to your niche, helping you be exposed to real people who will engage with your content. It also uses smart hashtags.

With its advanced targeting feature, Nitreo makes sure that it reaches the specific group of Instagram users that you want to reach. This feature lets you set up your desired location and gender (of potential followers), and even gives you a choice to exclude business accounts. After a relatively fuss-free setup, Nitreo does all the optimisation for you.

best instagram growth service: nitreo is easy to set up and gives real results

It’s simple and gets the job done well. As with all services, a strong customer support team is essential. Nitreo doesn’t disappoint, and offers fast and friendly support should you require assistance.

If we had to minus points, then we’d probably nitpick at its lack of a free trial. We understand how difficult it can be to trust a growth service with your Instagram account.

However, Nitreo offers a relatively affordable plan, starting at $49/month (that’s only $1.63 a day!) for its basic features. On top of that, there’s a 14-day growth guarantee, so you don’t have to worry too much.

We do recommend Nitreo’s Speed Plan though, as you’ll get all the targeting features and priority support at max speed. Personally, we feel like the higher price is totally worth it!

best instagram growth service: nitreo pricing plans

We strongly recommend Nitreo if you’re looking to find the right Instagram growth service for your account. We haven’t found a company that is as interested or determined to find you real, organic followers like Nitreo does.

To find out what our team likes about Nitreo in more depth, check out our detailed review.

2. Instagram Growth Service, But Make it Personal: Upleap

If you’re looking for a more personal touch, Upleap will be the perfect growth service for you.

best instagram growth service: upleap's home page

Upleap offers you a dedicated human account manager who will personally handle your account’s interactions.

You’ll be able to know your account manager’s name, location, and social media marketing experience. It helps generate trust and familiarity with the person who’s helping you grow your account. Talk about a personal experience!

Should you subscribe to Upleap, your account manager targets users who are likely to interact with your account and increases your engagement rate. Targeted users are based on their location, the hashtags they use, and their follower and following accounts. This way, you’ll gain followers that are already interested in what you have to offer.

upleap provides you with a dedicated account manager

Having a personal account manager doing all the work ensures that Instagram will never flag your account for suspicious activity. It’s tough for bots to mimic human behaviour, so there’s nothing better than having a human themself to help you run your Instagram account.

Also, if you put into account that an actual account manager is helping you run your account, their rates are actually really, really cheap.

Their plans start at $39/month and go up to $99/month for faster organic growth and premium support. That’s crazy – an outsourced personal account manager can rake up thousands per month elsewhere!

They also offer a three-day free trial, without having to input your credit card details(!!!). It’s risk-free – if you don’t like the results, you can cancel your subscription with no strings attached.

upleap's pricing plan

Again, for a dedicated human account manager, you are getting a lot more than what you’re paying for!

3. Free and Fully Automated: Kenji

Kenji offers a more automated experience to help you grow your Instagram account.

kenji's home page

It uses a machine-learned artificial intelligence technology to mimic your behaviour on Instagram and predict the best accounts to interact with. Instead of targeting a wide range, it focuses on users that are already interested in your niche.

The technology will help you follow and unfollow users based on profile similarity and hashtags. It’ll also like comments within your niche, while making sure that they are targeted and meaningful.

It’ll also mimic how users view Instagram Stories but do so more frequently. Instagram’s algorithm will recognize the activity and reward you by putting your profile at the top of viewer lists. This will make sure that you’re at the top of the minds of your followers.

how kenji works

Kenji has a free plan for casual Instagrammers to grow their account, which is a big win for us! This is perfect for those who might not be ready to commit just yet, but they also offer a premium plan at a rate of $29/month for up to 5x activity, priority support, and exclusive updates.

kenji's pricing plan

For a free software, Kenji goes above and beyond in its delivery. They have results and thousands of happy customers to show, too.

The Best Instagram Growth Service: Found!

So we found it!

Nitreo is the best Instagram growth service, tried and tested. Their dedication to results shows, with their extensive features and great customer support team. Although on the pricier side among the three, we’d say that every penny is worth it for the value you’re going to get.

Upleap and Kenji’s USP are on two different extremes, but we love it nonetheless; with one offering a personal human touch, while the other solely relying on modern AI technology.

Both of these services are pretty cheap, considering the amount of dedication and results you’re going to receive should you subscribe. If Nitreo isn’t your cup of tea, we strongly recommend checking Upleap and Kenji out.

We know that growing your Instagram account isn’t an easy feat by any means. It’s also tough to trust your precious account to a third-party software. Nonetheless, we hope that our suggestions have helped you pick the perfect growth tool for your Instagram account.

We can personally vouch for these three services, and declare them as Koapo’s most trustworthy tools!

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