Looking to improve your Instagram feed aesthetically? Here are 15 Amazing Instagram feed designs to take inspiration from. Your feed represents who you are and what you want people to understand or feel about you. Get creative with your Instagram Feed to make your profile stand out!

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Instagram Feed Themes

Amazing feeds all start with themes. A theme is a set of colours, fonts, style, filters, effects etcetera, that determines the overall image of your profile. Themes are a great way to structure and make your content consistent throughout. Themes are also important for branding and visual storytelling, just like how Koapo has our own theme for our website!

Visual Storytelling using Instagram

People probably use Instagram due to the fact that it provides a platform for a visual narrative. Visual storytelling uses visuals to engage users to drive emotions, engagement, interactions and call-to-action. Beautifully crafted stories make users more interested to connect with your brand or profile!

Tip: Instagram is structured in a way that displays 3 squared (cropped) images of your posts. If you have posted a landscape photo, it will be cropped to a fit square image. So when planning your feed’s overall look, do take it into consideration.

Instagram Templates

Consistency is key for a Instagram feed, and it could be done using Instagram Templates. Templates are ready made layouts of graphics, colors, text etc. They can be created from scratch or by using already existing ones made.

Templates are great to start with if you do not have certain theme in mind!

Instagram Feed

The profiles that will be featured below are just some amazing examples of what you can do with Instagram. I have categorized certain mixtures of colours and styles to make it easier to distinguish the type of feed you can take inspiration from.

Nudes & Pastel Tones

Let’s start with nudes and pastel tones on your feed. These tones are gentle and easy on the eye which makes your profile evoke a feeling of subtility and calm, whilst still retaining certain vibrancy.


Minimalist & Clean

In recent years, the trend of styles gravitating towards minimalism and clean visuals are prominent. Minimalism is basically a theory of “less is more”, where simplicity is key. This style uses streamlined shapes and colours like white, making it feel can feel fresh and clean. It is often used to evoke a sense of youth and modernity. 



A feed with bright colours is absolutely stunning when you do them right. They make your profile eye-catching and stand out from the rest. Using colours properly is important as there are certain colour psychologies behind it. Continue scrolling to see them in action!



Photography feeds are different and do not have specific themes to it. Generally photographers have a preset or filter applied to their photos depending on their niche and elements. If you are looking to create a photography portfolio, maybe posting certain types of photos e.g. landscape, portraits photos in big chunks and similar presets allows it all to easily integrate to make it look great!


Influencer Feed

Last but not the least, an Influencer feed! Influencers (most of the time) are able to live off collaborations and pictures that they post onto Instagram. Therefore their photos always include user’s point of interest, usually themselves! Visuals surrounding their Niche builds a community around their profile. Photos in an influencer feed HAVE to attract attention. Scroll for some examples of Influencer feeds!

Want to know more? You can check out this article on Instagram Influencers.


If these Instagram feeds don’t fit your image or your theme that you had in mind, drop by Instagram itself to explore more! These profiles are just a drop in the ocean- which means that there are so many more out there you can explore.

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