Let’s recap. What are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights are stories that you pin to your Instagram profile for all followers to see. These collections of stories appear on a very prominent part of your profile – right under your Bio section. Hence, taking a bit of time to think about what you want to add to your Highlights is a worthwhile investment.

For businesses, Instagram Stories and Highlights are great tools that can be used to interact with followers and seem more relatable. Knowing the right content to post on your stories and save to your Highlights will help you get the most bang for your buck. To learn more about Instagram for business accounts, be sure to check out our guide here!

Now, let’s look at 5 creative ways that you can make use of Instagram Highlights!

New Ideas for your Instagram Highlights

#1 Meet the team

Let your followers put some faces to your brand by showcasing the hardworking people who tirelessly behind the scenes. Introducing your team will give off a friendlier and more personal vibe. This way, your customers will feel that they know your brand on a more personal level, closing the gap between business and customers.

Depending on the industry that you’re in, having Highlights for your team is also a good way to present your employees’ portfolio. For example, tattoo parlour Tooth & Nail has an Instagram Highlight for each of its tattoo artists. This allows potential customers to learn more about the different artists available and easily look at their past works.

using instagram highlights to let customers meet your team

#2 Instagram takeovers

Perhaps your company collaborated with an influencer where he or she took over your Instagram stories for a day. Save the stories from that takeover into a Highlight to remind people of your past partnership. After all, setting up and planning for the collaboration was certainly no easy feat. Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed! Having a Highlight for the takeover will let it reach a wider audience even after the takeover has ended.

For instance, Glossier has a saved Highlight called At home with… where they featured different influencers. The main purpose is to give their followers a glimpse of how these influencers incorporate Glossier products into their daily lives.

save instagram takeovers by influencers into highlights

#3 Feature your customers

Are your customers posting your products on Instagram stories and tagging you in them? Repost these user-generated content and save them to your Highlights! Your featured customers will definitely be excited to know that their favourite brand took notice of their post. Remember, happy customers = returning customers!

Additionally, potential customers who see stories of satisfied customers will be more inclined to trust their reviews and give your product or service a shot. It is no secret that reviews from normal customers seem more genuine and organic. Talk about two birds with one stone!

Singaporean tea company Kindred Teas encourages their customers to tag them in their Instagram stories and posts. After reposting them on their stories, Kindred Teas made sure to include them in their Highlights for all to see.

repost customers' instagram stories

#4 Categories or Topics

If there’s a recurring topic that you post about frequently, save it into a Highlight so all the information about that topic can conveniently be viewed. For example, perhaps your brand advocates sustainability and regularly posts about sustainable efforts. Saving these stories into a Instagram Highlight will allow your followers to see all your stories that are related to sustainability.

Here’s an example from Kenboru, a restaurant who specialises in flame-broiled protein bowls. To advertise their speciality, they regularly post stories of their staff using a blowtorch to broil their food. After which, these stories are saved into a Highlight named Flaming. This way, followers can easily identify their unique selling point.

capture your unique selling point with instagram highlights

#5 Templates or Story games

Instagram story templates are games or quizzes that your followers can screenshot, fill in, and then repost to reply to your stories. This allows for more interaction between your account and your followers.

For instance, açaí health food store, An Açaí Affair, has a Highlight for Templates that they have created for their customers to repost. These templates let followers answer questions that are related to the company.

instagram story games and templates for followers

To wrap it up…

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can save to your Instagram Highlights! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take some time to think about what are the most important information you’d want your followers to know. From there, you can list down some Highlight ideas.

Remember: you can always delete and edit your Highlights as and when you wish!

Feeling lost? Not to worry. Head over to this article for our comprehensive guide on all things Instagram Highlights. When you’re done, you’ll know everything there is to learn about Instagram Highlights! Psst, the article includes 5 additional Instagram Highlights ideas!

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